Monday, February 27, 2006


Thanks for visiting.

I created this blog for a couple reasons, the first and foremost being that I really should write more. I enjoy the process and the small satisfaction of accomplishment, and for that reason, this blog is primarily for my own selfish benefit.

(You're excited to read on, aren't you?)

I picked San Francisco restaurants as a primary subject matter because my dining-out habits provide regular fodder. This makes me about as common in San Francisco as a fleece-wearing tourist in Fisherman's Wharf. I suppose most San Franciscans (at least those without kids) consider themselves experts here. I'm just willing to put my experiences and opinions out there for semi-public consumption.

(Don't let the martyr act fool you... I don't expect this to be widely read... I really don't)

Anyway, onto this so-called blogging...

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